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How to Start with HTML for Website Design?

HTML or the Hyper Text Markup Language is the primary building block when it comes to creating a website. It is a basic mark-up language and usually requires you to memorize a few dozen commands that help to structure the layout and the look of each webpage. Before you begin writing code for HTML or designing your very first web page, you must decide which text editor or HTML editor to use.

Why is HTML preferred for web design?

    • Loading time – this is the first element that makes a visitor stay on your website. Visitors are more likely to stay and browse a website with less load time than the one that loads slowly.
    • Easier Navigation – it is important for any website to have a well-defined navigation panel that makes it easier to switch between different web pages on the same website without wasting a lot of time.
    • Responsive Design – a vast majority of people are nowadays using mobile devices to browse the internet making it a necessity to have a responsive design for the website. with a responsive design your website can be viewed even on mobile devices without a lot of problem.
  • Interesting and relevant content –most of the time your website will have global audiences and it is extremely important to write relevant and engaging content which will help to target the right customers. Presence of precise and accurate content will help you to even improve you with SEO and get better rankings on search engine results.
  • Optimize the website – once you are done with your website it is always a good practice to go through your code in order to eliminate excessive tags and unnecessary spacing. A tightly made website will not only look more appealing to the general user it will also load faster.

So make your website interactive and use the HTML codes in the right manner to design the best website for your business.Once you have finalised the HTML editor and are about to begin setting up of your website, try to think about the look or the setup of the page, you can even try to draw out a rough layout. Mentioned below are some questions that you must ask yourself before you begin designing your website:

  • How would you be storing the files? Are you going to store all the files in the same directory or folder? If you are planning to have a lot of files and pictures it is recommended that you store these files, pages and pictures in different directories.
  • Are all the HTML files going to be stored as .HTML or .HTM files? No file extension have any advantage over the other, however it is always recommended to stick with only one extension.
  • Are you planning to have a template for the web page? Would there be a same overall feel and look for all the pages.
  • How would you be handling the navigation? According to you what is a better place for the navigation menu the bottom, top or the left of each page?

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